Circular economy is the logical solution for Europe

20 June, 2014

Europe must make the transition from its current linear economic model towards a more circular one. This was the key topic of discussion at this year’s Green Week, entitled ‘Circular economy – saving resources, creating jobs’. 


This year marked the 14th edition of Europe’s Green Week, the largest annual conference on European environment policy. The conference theme was the circular economy, resource efficiency and waste. It sought to show that Europe must address the combination of heightened resource constraints and increasing consumption trends by moving to a circular economy – an economy in which virtually nothing is wasted, products are regularly re-used and remanufactured, and sustainability is integrated as a core social value.


The conference began with a ‘New Environmentalism Summit’, a series of presentations from celebrities, thinkers, activists, entrepreneurs, leaders and film makers to discuss why environtmentalism is failing. Each speaker drew on personal experiences to outline what has been successful and unsuccessful over the past 40 years, and how they believe the environmental movement must now develop.


Green Week also provided an opportunity for participants to exchange experiences and best practices. Organisations and companies showcased best practices at a 40-stand exhibition, including side events such as test driving electric cars.


The conference took place from 3 to 5 June 2014 at the Egg Conference Centre in Brussels.


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