European Commission finalises ecodesign plans for 2012-14

20 December, 2012

The European Commission has finalised its working plan for energy-using products to be covered under the European Ecodesign Directive for 2012-14. It has established an indicative list of twelve broad product groupsto be considered for the adoption of implementing measures designed to increase resource efficiency and cut greenhouse emissions. The list includes water-related products such as showerheads and taps, steam boilers, windows, computer servers, smart meters and wine coolers.


Energy-related products account for a large proportion of energy consumption in the European Union. In the report Ecodesign Your Future it states more than 80% of their environmental impact is determined at the design stage. The Ecodesign Directive provides a coherent and integrated framework which allows setting mandatory ecodesign requirements for some products. Together with the Energy Labelling Directive, the Ecodesign Directive is recognised by the Commission as one of the most effective policy tools in the area of energy efficiency.


The next step for all priority products on the indicative list for 2012-14 will be preparatory studies to explore the technical, economic and environmental aspects of ecodesign measures. This will be followed by formal impact assessments of the product groups.


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