European Commission publishes results from stakeholder consultation on Sustainable Consumption and Production

11 January, 2013


European stakeholders want to see a higher level of synergy and complementarity between EU sustainable consumption and production (SCP) regulatory instruments according to the results of a survey published by DG Environment. Stronger harmonisation and alignment among existing instruments, rather than the introduction of a new legal framework for sustainable products, are among the key findings of the ‘Consultation on Delivering more Sustainable Consumption and Production’.

The survey was carried out between January and April 2012 in connection with the review of the Sustainable Consumption and Production/Sustainable Industrial Policy (SCP/SIP) Action Plan. It sought to gather views and additional information on the possible introduction of EU-wide measures related to sustainable consumption and production. It also looked at green public procurement and the environmental footprint of products and organisations.

The results show stakeholder support for reducing harmful subsidies at national level and the introduction of different kinds of incentives as the most effective ways of sustaining the supply of greener products. Ecodesign is considered to be one of the best SCP regulatory instruments to strengthen requirements for material resource efficiency.

Stakeholders call for the Commission to develop guidance for Member States on effective incentives for more environmentally friendly products. They also recommend introducing educational subjects, methods and materials into educational curricula to promote more sustainable lifestyles.


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