European society for the Roundtable on Sustainable Consumption and Production

20 January, 2012


Dear Prepare colleagues,

As quite a few of you may remember we had during the 2010 ERSCP a meeting where a discussion took place if it was desirable to formalise a bit more the ERSCP structure. At the time quite a large group found it desirable to set up a formal society with democratic board for this. When we worked out the financial closure for the ERSCP 2010, we also noted that we had made a decent surplus due to the much larger number of visitors than expected. TU Delft and TNO are willing to use their share in the surplus to get such a society off the ground. In the attachment the proposal is made in a bit more detail, but the essence would be:

- set up a democratic society under the law of a European country that allows us
  o to have board members from any (European) country
  o to have (voting) members from any (European) country
  o that creates no personal liabilities for board members
  o that allows to have a secretariat in a different country as where the society is established
- use the PREPARE secretariat also as society secretariat
- have this society decide about which local organizer organizes the ERSCP (at own financial risk, but with support of the society)
- work towards agreement or even a launch of this society at the ERSCP 2012 in Bregenz


Jaco Quist and I have discussed this idea with Vladimir Dobes, and now would like to bring this idea into the PREPARE meeting on Wednesday 25th of January. We obviously hope on a positive response, and obviously will refine this idea with any good suggestions made during the meeting.


Arnold Tukker