Planet, people and profits: How to deliver a sustainable exit from the crisis

27 November, 2012

On the 13. November delivered the European Commissioner for the Environment Janez Potočnik a keynote speech at the European Resource Efficiency Forum "Vision 2020 - the role of resource efficiency for Europe´s future."  The speech was focused on the way that the EU will implement related key policy priorities and vidions, and how this must be communicated.


Mr Potočnik has driven the resource efficiency debate to become a core and guiding principle of the European Union. Estimations are that a reduction of the total material requirements of the economy by 17% could boost GDP by 3% and employment in the EU by around 2.5 million.  Initiatives adopted thus far have included a framework for action, in the Resource Efficiency Roadmap, legislation to promote energy efficiency, reform of the common agricultural policy, and stronger measures on recycling and re-use of materials.


Over the next two years the Commission hopes to make progress in a number of areas. These messages need to be positive. They need to set out the potential for green jobs, celebrate the human capacity for innovation and progress, and make it clear that protecting our planet is actually about improving our wider quality of life.


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