Public consultation on SCP in the context of resource efficiency

9 February, 2012

The European Commission gathers views on delivering more sustainable consumption and production in the context of resource efficiency. It is asking for contributions on the possible introduction of new EU wide measures related to Sustainable Consumption and Production.


The EU Resource Efficiency Roadmap, presented by the Commission in September 2011, identified sustainable consumption and production policies as an effective contributor to resource efficiency. In the recent years, many initiatives have been carried out in the context of the 2008 Sustainable Consumption and Production Action Plan, but more ambitious and challenging policy plans need to be developed in order to trigger more resource-efficient consumption and production.


The consultation looks at various policy options including Green Public Procurement (GPP), the Environmental Footprint of Products (PEF) and the Environmental Footprint of Organisations (OEF). The consultation offers an opportunity to all interested parties to give their opinion on the proposed policy options.


The consultation is open until 3 April 2012 and it is part of a broader process of reflection that will feed into policy initiatives scheduled for adoption before the end of 2012.


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