RECP postgraduate study

5 December, 2011


From Pilar Murillo, UNIDO:
The present is to inform you about the initiative to develop a RECP postgraduate study in close cooperation with several NCPCs and universities in Europe. We have received the interest of the NCPCs of Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Macedonia, Moldova, Romania, Serbia, Ukraine mainly South and Eastern Europe, some of them hosted at University. For your information, we are sending you attached the very first draft proposal, to be further developed during next meeting in Vienna, 12-14 December 2011.

It would be of great interest for us to also have some representatives of other universities in Europe, in order to exchanges experiences in the development and implementation of postgraduate studies and discuss potential partnership.


PREPARE members are invited to give their comments, interest and avaialability for this project.


Write to Pilar Murillo (P.Murillo at with your comments