Retailers take action to prevent food waste

15 November, 2012

Retailers have committed to take voluntary action in waste prevention, particularly on food waste. At the Retail Forum in Brussels on 10 October, 19 Retail Forum members pledged to run campaigns raising awareness on waste and food waste prevention and reduction. This initiative will complement relevant EU policies on waste, as set out in the Roadmap to a Resource-Efficient Europe, for example halving edible food waste by 2020, making waste a resource and virtually eliminating landfilling. Signatories of the initiative will report on the achieved results at upcoming Retail Forum meetings.


Looking to the sustainability goals they had set themselves in key areas in previous years, such as selling more green products, retailers noted strong progress. Retailers in the Forum pledge to carry out specific environmental actions to contribute to sustainable consumption and resource efficiency. The number of environmental commitments has increased by 30 % in one year to over 500, made in 3 categories (“what we sell”, “how we sell” and “communication”).


Source: EU Environment Policy Brief, October 2012


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