17 September, 2012

The European Commission is consulting stakeholders on resource efficiency indicators.


The purpose of the consultation process is to collect a wide range of options and ideas on how we can best measure, monitor and communicate resource efficiency, in particular the interlinkages between the economy and the environment.

Indicators are needed to monitor progress and to allow for benchmarking and comparison between Member States. In the Roadmap, the Commission announced that it would launch a joint effort with stakeholders to define indicators and targets for guiding actions and monitoring progress on the path to the 2050 resource efficiency vision.


The Roadmap contains a list of possible indicators to be further explored: 'resource productivity', a dashboard  of  complementary macro  indicators  on  land,  water  and  carbon,  and  theme  specific indicators  to  measure  progress  towards  specific  key thematic  objectives  and  the  actions  and milestones set out in the Roadmap.


The consultation is open until 22 October 2012.


Stakeholder consultation