VLEVA: Call for Proposals

17 February, 2012

The Flamish VLEVA agency announced a Call for Proposals "Support to Regional Themetic Networks" under Civil Society Facility-Partnership Programmes for Civil Society Organisations. The global objective of the Call is to achieve a more dynamic civil society actively participating in public debate on democracy, human rights, social inclusion and the rule of law and with capacity to influence policy and decision making processes.

The specific objective of the Call is greater commitment and capacity of civil society organisation (CSO) networks to give citizens a voice and influence public sector reform processes through analysis, monitoring and advocacy, etc.


The activities to be implemented through this Call for Proposals should lead to the following results:

• Civil society strategies have been developed for the main sectors/policy themes and endorsed by local civil society, making provision for regional CSOs/networks to support national CSO coalitions and grassroots initiatives;

• Regional CSO partnerships/networks with a thematic focus are able to present joint strategic programmes with the aim of adding value to national CSO efforts and achieving sustainable outcomes;

• Regional and national CSO partnerships/networks perform timely consultations with citizens, pool expertise and produce high quality research, monitoring and strategic advocacy;

• Government institutions recognise the importance and value of civil society participation in reform processes.


The proposed strategies must address the all the priorities listed below in order for the application to be considered:

1)   Strengthened capacity and efforts to provide analysis, advocacy and monitoring of key sector reforms at regional and national levels

2)   Improvement of the environment for civil activism and state-civil society dialogue at regional and national levels

3) Improvement of the legitimacy, transparency and accountability of CSOs in the region


The current Call for Proposals seeks to establish partnerships with networks of CSOs working in the following thematic areas:

• Environment

• Social inclusion

• Socio-economic development

• Reconciliation

• Human rights

• Transparency/good governance

• Media and freedom of expression


More informatio can be found at VLEVA website.