7th EAP

Report illustrates effect of green economy on human well-being

10 Dec 2013

The European Environment Agency (EEA) has launched its new Environmental Indicator Report 2013, examining the implications of a transition to a green economy. The report draws upon a sub-set of the EEA’s environmental indicators that consider a vast range of environmental indicators. The publication coincides with the launch of the 7th European Environment Action Programme (7th EAP). Both documents are aimed at supporting policymakers to shape a healthy environment and ensure human well-being.


EU has adopted seven-year environment strategy

29 Nov 2013

EU ministers and MEPs have signed into law the 7th Environment Action Programme, setting out the bloc’s long-term policy direction for the environment and climate.


Negotiators from the EU’s two law-making bodies yesterday (20 November) brought an end to discussions that have lasted for one year.


The programme, ‘Living well within the limits of our planet', aims to push the EU in the direction of so-called ‘green growth’, economic development that places as little burden on the environment as possible.


7th Environment Action Programme proposal released

7 Dec 2012

The European Commission has released its proposal for the 7th Environment Action Programme (EAP). Entitled ‘Living well, within the limits of our planet’, it will guide EU environmental policy to 2020. The EAP aims to achieve an inclusive green economy, protect the EU’s natural capital and address environment-related threats to EU citizens’ health. The proposal is to be considered by the European Parliament and the EU Council before becoming law, subject to agreement.