European Commission

Blueprint to safeguard Europe’s waters

29 Nov 2012

The European Commission has released its Water Blueprint, a new EU strategy on the use of water resources. The Blueprint aims to make water use sustainable in the EU, and has been designed in response to an increasing pressure to provide good quality water for human needs, economic activities and the environment. It is closely aligned to the EU’s 2020 strategy, and, in particular, the 2011 Resource Efficiency Roadmap.


Planet, people and profits: How to deliver a sustainable exit from the crisis

27 Nov 2012

On the 13. November delivered the European Commissioner for the Environment Janez Potočnik a keynote speech at the European Resource Efficiency Forum "Vision 2020 - the role of resource efficiency for Europe´s future."  The speech was focused on the way that the EU will implement related key policy priorities and vidions, and how this must be communicated.


Commission proposes to minimise the climate impacts of biofuel production

15 Nov 2012

The Commission on 17 October published a proposal to limit global land conversion for biofuel production, and raise the climate benefits of biofuels used in the EU. The use of food-based biofuels to meet the 10 % renewable energy target of the Renewable Energy Directive will be limited to 5 %. This is to stimulate the development of alternative, so-called second generation biofuels from non-food feedstock, like waste or straw, which emit substantially less greenhouse gases than fossil fuels and do not directly interfere with global food production.


Investing in regions and renewable energy sources will help deliver EU's ambitious Energy Roadmap 2050

16 Oct 2012

The Committee of the Regions (CoR) has backed the European Commission's plans to reduce energy consumption and commit to shifting towards more sustainable energy resources, but has urged that far more needs to be done to support local and regional authorities if these objectives are to be achieved. The European Commission unveiled its Energy Roadmap 2050 in December last year which seeks to achieve the EU's target of reducing greenhouse emissions to 80-95% below 1990 levels by 2050 while protecting energy supply and maintaining competitiveness.


17 Sep 2012

The European Commission is consulting stakeholders on resource efficiency indicators.


The purpose of the consultation process is to collect a wide range of options and ideas on how we can best measure, monitor and communicate resource efficiency, in particular the interlinkages between the economy and the environment.

New rules on e-waste to boost resource efficiency

16 Aug 2012

Improved rules on the collection and treatment of e-waste has entered into force. E-waste (i.e. waste electrical and electronic equipment, or WEEE) is one the fastest growing waste streams, and it offers substantial opportunities in terms of making secondary raw materials available on the market. Systematic collection and proper treatment is a precondition for recycling materials like gold, silver, copper and rare metals in used TVs, laptops and mobile phones.

European Commission has launched innovation partnership for Smart Cities and Communities

1 Aug 2012

One of the greatest challenges facing the EU is how best to design and adapt cities into smart intelligent and sustainable environments. Almost three quarters of Europeans live in cities, consuming 70% of the EU's energy. Congestion costs Europe about 1% of its GDP every year; most of it is located in urban areas. Smart urban technologies can make a major contribution to tackling many urban challenges.


Stakeholder consultation on the evaluation of RoHS exemptions

20 Jul 2012

The European Commission is collecting contributions on exemptions from the substance restrictions in electrical and electronic equipment – the RoHS II Directive.


FP7 Call

19 Jul 2012

The European Commission has published the final and biggest ever calls for proposals under its Seventh Framework Programme for Research (FP7). In total, €8.1 billion is available to support projects and ideas that will boost Europe's competitiveness and tackle issues such as improving human health, protecting the environment and finding new solutions to challenges arising, for example, from urbanisation and managing waste.


European Resource Efficiency Platform launched

18 Jul 2012

The European Commission has launched the European Resource Efficiency Platform (EREP) to provide high-level guidance and advice on policy measures designed to steer the European economy towards a more sustainable growth path.