12th European Forum on Eco-Innovation: Scaling-up sustainable construction through value chain innovation

25 April, 2012 — 26 April, 2012

The European Commission, Directorate General for the Environment, and the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment would like to invite you to participate at the forthcoming European Forum on Eco-Innovation that will take place on 25 and 26 April in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


The 12th European Forum on Eco-Innovation will be dedicated to ‘Scaling-Up Sustainable Construction Through Value Chain Innovation’ and will gather key players from business, academia, finance, policy and green groups. The output will be a set of recommendations addressed at the European Commission and Member States and to be used in the development of related policies.


+ Ready to take-up a real challenge?

The construction sector is the largest consumer of raw materials in the EU and construction and demolition activities account for about 33% of waste generate annually.


+ What’s in it for you?

What kind of added value eco-innovation can bring to the construction sector? How eco-innovation can transform the industry's supply chain? How to communicate these benefits to public authorities, construction professionals and building owners? What are the opportunities and challenges in the sustainable construction value chain?


+ Pushing forward the construction sector?

Who should be the main stakeholders to push forward and implement existing solutions? With so many players, who should address the sustainable construction issue in a coherent and systemic manner? Who can take the lead? Moreover, how can the construction industry face up to the current crisis which may prevent the implementation of new technologies or construction, certifications and standards?


+ Build-up your network !

The European fora on Eco-Innovation are built to increase networking opportunities and use innovative methods to generate value from time and knowledge!


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Please note that attendance at the Forum is free but upon registration only and that the European Commission does not reimburse any expenses.


12th European Forum on Eco-Innovation: Scaling-up sustainable construction through value chain innovation