The 13th European Forum on Eco-innovation

26 November, 2012 — 27 November, 2012

The 13th Forum on eco-innovation and 2 nd Forum of the EU Eco-Innovation Action Plan on “Developing new markets for Eco-Innovation” wit a special focus on water will be held in Lisbon. The Forum will discuss the entire chain from research, innovation, market and export. Three European networks cooperate with the DG-Environment of the European Commission: Eco-Innovera – boosting eco-innovation through cooperation in research, ECOPOL – accelerating eco-innovation policies, and Enc-NCP-Together – promoting partnerships.


The agenda contains many opportunities to share knowledge and experiences in round tables analysing cases, and during a moderated open space where delegates have the opportunity to raise - and respond to - ideas and issues. A dedicated Brokerage Event provides for the opportunity to promote business research proposals and to find new partnerships in collaborative project proposals for research and innovation.


Information and registration here.