Green Industry - International summer course

23 June, 2014 — 4 July, 2014

Trends in resource use and energy consumption indicate that current forms of industrial production are not sustainable in the long term. Many industrial production systems continue to be inefficient and wasteful and thereby threaten to overwhelm the assimilative capacity of our planet. In order to reverse these developments, industries need to radically improve their energy efficiency, reduce their resource consumption and curb the release of harmful by-products.


The greening of industries and enterprises provides stability and resilience to economic development and improves job and income security, energy reliability and human wellbeing.


The third international Summer Course “Green Industry: Pathways Towards the Industry of the Future” organized by UNIDO together with the Central European University in Budapest reflects UNIDO’s genuine commitment to seeking innovative solutions and building new capacities in industrial development. The course provides participants with the opportunity to put the concept of “Green Industry” into practice and help improve industry’s environmental performance.


The Summer Course will take place in Budapest, Hungary from 23rd June to 4th July. Application shall be sent by 9th February.


More information is provided in the attached document.

Green Industry - International summer course

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