LCM 2015 – Life Cycle Management for product sustainability value creation

30 August, 2015 — 2 September, 2015

The Life Cycle Management conferences are established as one of the leading conference series worldwide in the field of environmental, economical and social sustainability. The unique feature of LCM is developing practical solutions for the implementation of life cycle approaches into strategic and operational decision-making. The Life Cycle Conference is for international decision-makers from science, industry, NGOs and public bodies.


The 7th International Conference on Life Cycle Management will be hel in Bordeaux, France, August 30 – September 02 2015 with the following programme:


Specific key topics:

- Use of product  sustainability information in public and private decision-making and communication efforts
- Mainstreaming LCM using sectoral approaches for regional development
- Role of chemicals and materials in enhancing the sustainability of product systems
- Challenges in implementing LCM in different business units (R&D, marketing, procurement) and throughout the supply chain
- Additional key topics and the overall headline to be defined closer to the conference date


Broad-spectrum topics:

- The journey from LCM to product sustainability
- Value creation through Life Cycle Management
- Broadening  sustainability metrics by including the socio-economic aspects
- Coverage of significant sectors like manufacturing, agri-food, etc.


More information can be found at the conference website.


LCM 2015 – Life Cycle Management for product sustainability value creation