Sustainable Building and Refurbishment for Next Generations

26 June, 2013 — 28 June, 2013

Buildings represent an essential element of the built environment created for preserving quality of human life. Construction and operation of buildings belong among the biggest consumers of primary materials, energy resources, and environment pollutants as well. It is a well known fact that buildings in highly developed countries are responsible for about 30 or 40% of the total energy consumption and have the same share in production of carbon dioxide, waste and other pollutants.


The development of new technologies and the use of progressive materials and advanced construction solutions leading to quality improvement of buildings not only in economic, but also in the environmental and socio-cultural sense, represents a huge potential for sustainable society development. The population growth, depletion of primary materials, energy and drinking water sources, deterioration of the environment (including the consequences of global warming in the form of a higher frequency of natural disasters) necessarily lead to a more intensive search for new, environmentally suitable approaches and solutions.


Sustainable building offers many opportunities for significant advancement in our Central Europe region.


Conference objectives


Central Europe towards Sustainable Building Prague 2013 (CESB13) event is a part of 2013 international conferences series convened under auspices of the four international organizations iiSBE, CIB, UNEP-SBCI and FIDIC.


CESB13 will be a third conference in row held on the actual topic of sustainable building. The previous CESB07 and CESB10 were very successful, both hosting over 200 delegates sharing knowledge from more than 30 countries.


Local organizers are Czech Sustainable Building Society (iiSBE Czech) and three institutes of the Czech Technical University in Prague: Sustainable Building Centre at Faculty of Civil Engineering, Klokner Institute and University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings.


Conference topics

- Sustainable refurbishment of existing building stock - Examples of sustainable modernizations and refurbishments of existing buildings, sustainable revitalizations of urban areas
- Industrial heritage regeneration - Industrial heritage in urban context, adaptive reuse possibilities, public spaces conversion, regeneration initializing activities, industrial heritage tourism
- Low-tech and high-tech materials and technologies for sustainable buildings - Sustainable use of materials, renewable, recycled and alternative natural materials, high performance materials, sustainable production of materials
- Integrated building design - Net zero energy buildings, passive buildings, renewable energy utilization, functional and operational performance of buildings, indoor environment, optimization and simulation tools
- Decision-supoprt tools and assessment methods - Sustainable building assessment methods, optimization tools, benchmarking and regional aspects, certification, life cycle costing
- Sustainable building in education - Implementation of sustainable building principles into education at different stages - secondary schools, universities, lifetime education, public awareness and dissemination




Czech Technical University in Prague
Faculty of Civil Engineering
Thakurova 7
Czech Republic


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Sustainable Building and Refurbishment for Next Generations