Urban Magma

18 March, 2015 — 19 March, 2015

The first annual conference of Meeting Point Urban Magma aims at forming a strategy to create a centre of excellence for sustainable cities.


During the conference, we will focus on how a successful international business cluster can develop within cleantech for sustainable cities. Such progress helps grow regional companies and attracts national and international businesses to the cluster. Another conference focus is the important role industrial symbiosis—in harbours, industrial parks, and surrounding regions—can have in advancing sustainable cities and business clusters.


Through regional site visits, you will learn firsthand about the accomplishments and goals of Urban Magma and E-harbours. You will hear about ongoing processes that aim to innovate utility systems and industrial symbiosis. You will challenge our viewpoints, give us a thumbs-up, lead us down new paths, and join us in pinpointing crucial questions that sharpen our sustainability work and enable Skåne and other regions to deliver at peak ability.


The conference is arranged by Urban Magma, the City of Malmö, E-harbours, Union of the Baltic Cities, and Sustainable Business Hub. At the end of day one, the City of Malmö invites all attendees to dinner at the Town Hall.


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