World Resources Forum 2014

19 October, 2014 — 22 October, 2014

The World Resource Forum 2014 conference will be held in Peru, which is an important emerging economy committed to sustainable development. Peru belongs to the 17 megadiverse countries identified by Conservation International.


Peru will host the Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC (COP 20) in December, 2014. COP 20 has been officially declared of national interest. The WRF 2014 will provide inputs for COP 20 discussions.


The World Resources Forum (WRF) is the global sciencebased platform for sharing knowledge about the economic, political, social and environmental implications of global resource use. WRF promotes innovation for resource productivity by building bridges among researchers, policymakers, business, SMEs, NGOs and the public. Flagship activity is the annual WRF Conference.


The conference will have plenary sessions for politicians, business, researchers and civil society, as well as workshops, field trips and special events. Members of UNEP's International Resource Panel will be among the speakers.


For the Scientific Sessions researchers, students, practicioners and other experts are now invited to submit their abstracts for oral or poster presentations (only 300 words). The selected topics this year are:

- Decoupling Economic Growth and Natural Resource Use;
- Innovation for Resource Efficiency;
- Policies and Stakeholders Participation;
- Recycling Industries and Cities;
- Measuring Progress
- Targets and Indicators;
- Lifestyles and Education;
- Forestry, Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation


Conference website


Call for Papers:

- The abstract submission process for the World Resources Forum 2014 started 18th March. Deadline for abstract submission is 25th April 25.

- Abstracts need to be submitted through our easy-to-use  WRF 2014 Conftool.


Feel free to write to info [at] worldresourcesforum [dot] org for any additional information or in case you need help with your submission.

World Resources Forum 2014

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