Registration is open for the SusChem 2017 Brokerage event, which will take place on 18 October 2017 in Brussels, Belgium.

The Horizon 2020 work programme for 2018-2020 is expected to be officially published in October and until then you can consult a Commission document that describes the context for the entire strategic programming process, which will guide the preparation of the work programme itself, here:


Grant-It and the SusChem brokerage event

Participants can propose their project ideas for the 2018 and 2019 calls of Horizon 2020 on GRANT-IT – a one-stop access to funding opportunities from the European Commission and Regional and National governments in the field of sustainable chemistry.

SusChem members can use GRANT-IT resources for free to search for funding, identify project opportunities, propose project ideas and search for potential project partners. SusChem members can log-in with their SusChem username and password.

Submitting your project ideas via GRANT-IT will make it available to the whole SusChem community and allow interested partners to contact you for meeting requests when the brokerage speed dating tool is open.

For more information and registration, please visit the SusChem 2017 Brokerage event registration portal or contact SusChem Secretariat atsuschem [at] suschem [dot] org.

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ISO standard for designing the ultra-efficient home

5 November, 2012

Between the rising cost of living and concerns about protecting the environment, homeowners have become increasingly interested in finding ways to cut down on energy use. A new ISO International Standard gives a framework for taking into consideration the design process in buildings that will lead to greater energy efficiency – and lower energy bills.


Foundation of European Network of Ecodesign Centres

26 October, 2012

You are kindly invited to attend the launch of the newly formed European Network of Ecodesign Centres (ENEC) that will take place 28/11/2012 in Brussels.


CSI EU project successfully finalised

26 October, 2012

CSI EU was a partnership project generated within the PREPARE Network and implemented by several of its partners. The project main goal was to improve implementation of Social Responsibility in European SMEs by developing a practical guidance and trainings to implement ISO 26000.


As an output, it provides SMEs with a concrete learning portal that enables them to improve their performance on CSR.


From consumer kids to sustainable childhood - Symposium in Berlin

24 October, 2012

How do we raise up our children so that they no longer grow up learning to be consumers but instead learn to become guardians of sustainable living?


The Symposium will be held at The New Malthouse in Berlin 15th November. This symposium will examine how unsustainable lifestyles are passed on from one generation to the next by the influence of media, marketers and others


Investing in regions and renewable energy sources will help deliver EU's ambitious Energy Roadmap 2050

16 October, 2012

The Committee of the Regions (CoR) has backed the European Commission's plans to reduce energy consumption and commit to shifting towards more sustainable energy resources, but has urged that far more needs to be done to support local and regional authorities if these objectives are to be achieved. The European Commission unveiled its Energy Roadmap 2050 in December last year which seeks to achieve the EU's target of reducing greenhouse emissions to 80-95% below 1990 levels by 2050 while protecting energy supply and maintaining competitiveness.

Sustainable Building Conference 2013 - Call for Papers

10 October, 2012

The SB13 Graz conference will take place in September 2013. The Institute of Technology and Testing of Building Materials of Graz University of Technology (TU Graz) is going to host this conference in co-operation with AEE – Institute for Sustainable Technologies (AEE INTEC), an applied research institute on the fields of solar heat, low- and zero energy buildings as well as energy efficiency in industry.


Green Investing Guidance

8 October, 2012

Responsible investing is a critically important way of driving social change and advancing environmental sustainability. Investing in environmentally and socially conscious businesses provide jobs and help the green economy to grow.


A judicious allocation of financial resources is essential in the face of environmental degradation, widespread scarcity, population expansion, accelerating consumption, climate change and unprecedented price volatility.


South Africa uses ISO 50001 to avoid a future energy crisis

5 October, 2012

The South African economy is largely based on minerals’ extraction and processing, which is very energy intensive. The country’s unique energy mix and challenges have required a multi-pronged public and private sector response. The South African Bureau of Standards (SABS), ISO member for the country, plays a pivotal role in developing relevant standards to enable the implementation of energy efficiency.


Can design be good?

4 October, 2012

By: Frank O'Connor, Director of Ecodesign Centre Wales


Can design be good, if it does not consider all of the key environmental, social and economic impacts throughout the life cycle? Over the last 20 years I have frequently asked this question. My answer has always been no. I believe design and the design industry must take responsibility for its environmental and social impacts. There is no alternative.


REF/CP experts needed

25 September, 2012

"From: Viera Feckova

Program Manager - ECA Resource Efficiency Program

IFC Advisory Services in Europe and Central Asia"


The two new consultants  positions for REF/CP experts are avaiable, one in Turkey and one in Central Asia&Caucasus. TORs attached, the selection site:


announcement numbers:  1085522 and 1085523


Please, feel free to share.