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Stakeholder consultation meeting - Ecodesign of thermal insulation in buldings

4 September, 2013

From: Carolin Spirinckx, VITO, Belgium


Dear all,


We would like to invite you to a stakeholder consultation in the framework of an exploratory study with regard to ecodesign of thermal insulation in buildings accomplished under the authority of DG Energy of the European Commission (EC), under specific contract No ENER/C3/2012-418-Lot1/02/SI2.652413, within the multiple framework service contract No ENER/C3/2012-418-Lot 1, preparatory studies and related technical assistance on specific product groups.


Global RECP conference & Sustainability Maker

28 August, 2013

Dear all,


We would like to inform you about two interesting conference that will be held during the autumn: Global Network Conference on Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production, and Sustainability Maker Convention 2013.


Please find more information in PREPARE Calendar.


Best regards,

PREPARE Secretariat

PREPARE CGM in Maribor - details

15 August, 2013

Dear colleagues,


The next PREPARE Core Group Meeting will take place in Maribor, Slovenia, 14-15 October 2013. Within the meeting, the International workshop on Smart Cities will be organized. The second day, PREPARE CGM will be followed by kick-off meeting of TREO project, in which several PREPARE members participate.


You can find all relevant information on PREPARE website.


Next PREPARE CGM - Maribor, Slovenia, 14-15/10/2013

25 June, 2013

Dear PREPARE colleagues,


Eco-innovation Call 2013

29 May, 2013

The European Commission has launched a call for eco-innovation technology proposals that aim to prevent or reduce environmental impacts or contribute to the optimal use of resources. The Eco-Innovation scheme will fund 45 projects over the next year to the value of EUR 31.5 million. Proposals are being sought in five specific areas: material recycling, water, sustainable building products, green business, and the food and drink sector. The scheme offers co-financing of up to 50 % of the total project cost. Businesses have until 5 September 2013 to submit their proposals.


ERSCP-EMSU 2013 & Senior Energy Specialist in Central Asia

9 April, 2013

ERSCP-EMSU 2013 Conference
From: Nilgun CIliz


The next European Roundtable on Sustainable Consumption and Production is coming in a short time (4-7 June, Istanbul). In order that organizers could carry out all necessary arrangements, they would appreciate if participants registered soon. Please make your registration preferably by April 18th.


Senior Energy Specialist (Almaty, Kazakhstan)

From: Viera Feckova

IEE and LIFE+ Calls

5 April, 2013

Dear all,


At the last PREPARE meeting in Lisbon, we discussed potential project proposals that could be submitted under IEE Call 2013 or LIFE+ Call 2013. However, due to a limited number of participants, not all ideas and proposals could have been shared.


PREPARE meeting in Lisbon (21-22/03/2013) - AGENDA AVAILABLE

5 March, 2013

Dear colleagues,


The agenda of the upcoming PREPARE meeting (Lisbon, 21-22/03/2013) is now available at the meeting website.


Please take into account that deadline for hotel reservation has been extended by 11th March.


We also would like to remind those, who haven't sent their registration form yet, to do so. Thank you.


REMINDER: PREPARE meeting in Lisbon (21-22/03/2013)

25 February, 2013

Dear all,


Following our previous Newsletter (, we would like to ask you to make your reservation in York House Hotel. The deadline is today (25th Feb) and the hotel is fully booked usually. Thank you.


Kind regards


Cristina Rocha & PREPARE Secretariat

PREPARE meeting in Lisbon (21-22/03/2013)

6 February, 2013

Dear all,


Following our previous announcements of the upcoming PREPARE Core Group meeting (Lisbon, Portugal; 21-22/03/2013), we would like to inform you that a the meeting website you can now find documents with concrete information about accommodation and transport. Please, make your hotel reservation and send your registration form to us.


We look forward to meeting you in Lisbon.


Best regards