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Conference on the Greening of Industry Network Invitation

1 October, 2012

From: Leenard Bass - Professor Industrial Ecology, Linköping University


I take the opportunity to provide you the last call for registration for the GIN conference:

Looking for REF/CP experts

25 September, 2012

Dear PREPARE collegues,

"From: Viera Feckova

Looking for Cleaner Production Experts from Norway

17 September, 2012

Dear PREPARE colleagues,


UNIDO is looking for experienced partners in the field of cleaner production from Norway. If you can identify relevant expert or institution, please contact PREPARE Secretariat ((prepare-net [at] prepare-net [dot] com) or directly Ms. Petra Schwager from UNIDO (p [dot] schwager [at] unido [dot] org).


Thank you for your help.


PREPARE Secretariat

Core Group Meeting in Bulgaria - Agenda

12 September, 2012

Dear PREPARE colleagues,


The final agenda of the upcoming Core Group Meeting in Djuni, Bulgaria (19-20/09/2012) is now available at the meeting website.


We have finally changed the start of the meeting (19/09, 13:00), because many of you had a problem to attend morning session. However, the meeting room will be available for us in the morning, so we can meet for a discussion before the official start.


FP7 Calls & New member of Czech PREPARE team

16 August, 2012

Dear PREPARE friends,


Find below the table sent by our Polish colleagues summarizing FP7 calls and topics that they are interested in and that are also relevant for PREPARE. In case of your interest, please contact Thomas Schoenfelder (schoenfelder [at] atmoterm [dot] pl) or the PREPARE Secretariat.


We also would like to inform you that the Czech PREPARE team has been extended. Our new member is Mr. Petr Chval (pchval [at] email [dot] cz) who is going to attend the upcoming PREPARE Core Group Meeting.


PREPARE Secretariat


Next PREPARE meeting - registration

30 July, 2012

Dear PREPARE colleagues and friends,


Following previous Newsletter, we are sending you additional information about the next PREPARE Core Group Meeting.

The meeting will be organized in holiday village “Djuni” in Bulgaria, 19-20/09/2012 by Social and Environmental Responsibility Centre (SERC) and the PREPARE Secretariat.


You can find documents with information about accommodation and transport on PREPARE website.


Next PREPARE meeting

23 July, 2012

Dear PREPARE members and friends,


After a long discussion, it was decided that the next PREPARE Core Group meeting will take place in Bulgaria, 19-20 September; jointly with CSI EU project final meeting (21 September). PREPARE meeting will start at 9:00, 19th; and end at 13:00, 20th. The venue will be specified soon.


We regret that we were not able to set the date earlier and apologize for any inconvenience caused.


PREPARE Secretariat

FP7 Call for Proposals

19 July, 2012

The European Commission has published the final and biggest ever calls for proposals under its Seventh Framework Programme for Research (FP7). In total, €8.1 billion is available to support projects and ideas that will boost Europe's competitiveness and tackle issues such as improving human health, protecting the environment and finding new solutions to challenges arising, for example, from urbanisation and managing waste.


Next PREPARE meeting - Doodle

29 June, 2012

Dear colleagues,


The PREPARE Secretariat is now in the process of plannig the next PREPARE Core Group meeting. There was preliminary agreement to hold it 9-10/10/2012; however, some of you already indicated they would not be able to participate. We have created a Doodle survey in order to find the most appropriate date. Please click on the next link and indicate your availability:


We wish you nice summer,


Pavel + Vladimir

Calls for proposals

13 June, 2012

Two calls for proposals were published in May focusing on eco-innovation and corporate social responsibility. The newsletter provides general information (see below) including relevant websites where you can find more detailed information.


If you are interested to participate, notify the PREPARE secretariat (pavel [dot] ruzicka [at] empress [dot] cz). Please indicate also whether you are willing to take the leadership for the proposal preparation.