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New Chairmanship + Meetings in Prague - ERSCP/TRUST IN Minutes - i-SUP2012

21 December, 2011

New PREPARE Chairmanship
This is not only a Christmas newsletter with best wishes for the new year from the PREPARE Secretariat. More importantly, it is also the official invitation to the ceremony and meetings that take place in Prague 24-27th of January 2012, in connection with the handover of the PREPARE chairmanship from Denmark to The Czech Republic.


Please find the official invitation and the the full agenda here.


Bilbao this week - Project generation - Twitter - Facebook - Material from Kaunas - TRUST IN: Bregenz

8 November, 2011

Meeting in Bilbao

This week, PREPARE and partners is having meetings in Bilbao. Have a look at the just updated (today!) TRUST IN agenda and other information here. And just a quick note from organiser Ibon Zugasti: Hotel Abando is in 15 minutes walking distance from IHOBE (you can see a map at the above website).


Project generation

Kaunas - ERSCP 2012 - Bilbao Ecodesign Meeting - Meeting in Bregenz - Tosca Framework

6 October, 2011

Meeting in Kaunas

A big 'Thank you!' goes out to our local organisers: Jurgis Staniskis and his competent team made the CSI EU partnership meeting, the PREPARE Core Group Meeting and the SCP conference a pleasure. Pictures are available through the meeting website.


Bilbao Ecodesign Meeting 2011 + TRUST IN meeting + CSI EU meeting

Kaunas: Hotel deadline

31 August, 2011

As many of our members and friends already know, PREPARE Core Group meeting, TRUST IN, CSI EU and the conference SCP: How to make it possible is coming up.


New website - New newsletter!

26 August, 2011

Dear friends and members of PREPARE

All the hard work of PREPARE's fine members has paid off: PREPARE is online with a brand new website. We invite you to take a look around, and see what it offers. The site is still in beta, which means that the site will develop within the near future. During the coming meeting in Kaunas, we will have a website-workshop, enabling you to get the most out of the new PREPARE website.


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