Deadline for Submission - Thanks for the Waltz

26 Sep 2012

Dear TRUST IN partners and fans


We hope that things are going well with the reporting (Danish deadline is 30th of September, and we assume it is similar for other partners).


Just a reminder: Don't forget to spread the word on the TRUST IN partnership and its findings - for instance by passing the final report around.


Final Report Online

28 Jul 2012



The final report of TRUST IN - as outlined in Copenhagen - is now online.

Many thanks goes out to all of you who contributed and corrected. The final result is the product of your hard work!


2nd Deadline Coming Up: 20th July

18 Jul 2012



The second deadline in the TRUST IN reporting is now coming up: This Friday (20th) is the last day where you can make corrections. After this date, the document will be locked and you will no longer be able to edit it.

This means that some of you are in a bit of a hurry - materials are still missing from the following:


Missing Parts

- Introduction - Stig

- Meeting 4: Bregenz - Willi

- Mobility: A few empty boxes

- Buildings: A few empty boxes

Missing Parts - What You Have To Do Before 20th July - After 20th of July

15 Jul 2012



The first deadline for the final TRUST IN report has now been passed, and new content is no longer supposed to be added. It seems, though, that some parts are still missing.

TRUST IN Report: First Deadline Coming Up (13 July)

6 Jul 2012

Dear TRUST IN Partners


As the first deadline for the TRUST IN report agreed upon in Copenhagen (minutes and guidelines for Google Doc) is coming up, this is a reminder on what to do.


Daniel sent you a link during the meeting; use this to edit the document.


Minutes from Copenhagen - Final Report

22 Jun 2012



Following the meeting in the beginning of June in Copenhagen, the minutes are now available online.

Please check if you have things to fix in the to do-list.


Final Reminder on TRUST IN Contribution

30 May 2012

Dear TRUST IN partners


The final meeting in Copenhagen is fast approaching and Peter Glavic needs your contributions for the meeting beforehand - deadline is 31st of May - tomorrow.


So far Gregor and Oihana are the only ones who have contributed, and you really don't want to see the young partners run away with all the credit, do you?


Agenda - Google Docs - Signed Up?

26 May 2012

Dear TRUST IN partners

An update on the coming meeting in Copenhagen.


The agenda for the meeting is now online - also including a map of the venue.


Reminder: Send Your Contribution

21 May 2012

The final meeting in Copenhagen is fast approaching and anyone who has not signed up, is advised to do so here. At this site, you can also read more about the meeting, accommodation etc.


TRUST IN meeting in Copenhagen June 7-8

11 May 2012

Dear TRUST IN partners

As agreed in Bregenz during the TRUST IN activities May 3-4, the next and final TRUST IN meeting in Copenhagen will take place on the new premises of Aalborg University.


IMPORTANT: All participants MUST sign up here before Wed. 16 of May



Wrap up, conclusions, dissemination plan for the results achieved and recommendations for further work