TRUST IN (European Training Partnership on Sustainable Innovation) is a partnership project funded by the Leonardo da Vinci programme.

The PREPARE Network acts as backbone for the partnership, which contains several institutions that are somehow related to vocational education and training (VET)

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19 July, 2012

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A Leonardo da Vinci Partnership is a framework for small-scale cooperation activities between organisations working in the field of vocational education and training ("VET") which will be cooperating on themes of mutual interest to the participating organisations. Projects can focus more on the active participation of trainees, while others will concentrate on the cooperation between teachers, trainers or VET-professionals. The cooperation may not only include VET schools or institutions but also enterprises, social partners or other VET stakeholders. They can cooperate at national, regional or local level, but also at sector level, such as within VET-fields or economic sectors.


The following quote sums up a key part of the TRUST IN partnership's focus: Promoting VET-business cooperation and partnerships in vocational education and training.

- The Directors for Vocational Education and Training and the European social partners



# Suggestions on how sustainable development ca be integrated into the European VET system
# Updating of skills on VET in relation to EU targets and on the principles within sustainability
# Wide geographical range - in the real world and among the partners
# Experienced partners, several also members of the PREPARE



# Exchange experiences and formulate recommendations to VET in the field of sustainable innovation, addressing the needs and realities of a wide variety of European countries

# Define a concept for a European course in eco-efficiency
# Define the concepts for additional courses in sustainable innovation
# Venues across Europe

Structure and methodology

# Objective

To design sector/area-specific courses


# Target group

Technical personnel from businesses and municipalities + the teachers themselves


The CEDEFOP reports on VET in the European countries are useful in the work of the TRUST IN partnership.

Work planning and timetable

# October 2010
Kick-off - click here for more information on this meeting

# December 2010
Workshop Report - recommendations for VET

# June 2011
Report on the needs, constraints and success criteria for the course in eco-efficiency

# May 2012
Concept for the course in eco-efficiency - teaching concepts, content and processes

# July 2012
Concept for area-specific courses in sustainable innovation

# July 2012
Workshop report: Presentation of the partnership's results

# July 2012
Final report: Collection, conclusions, level of knowledge sharing and recommendations for further work


The current outputs of the project can be found in two separate files below.


The background report is solely intended for internal use, while the recommendation report is publically informative.


Find also the initial application for the project in the file-attachment below.


Materials (annexes, presentations etc.) are available through this front page and under each meeting in the Project Calendar

Lead partner

The PREPARE Secretariat acts as a coordinator, while the responsibility for specific tasks are distributed by country. Contact can be made through prepare [at] prepare [dot] dk


Regarding dissemination of interesting news and materials, please send your contents (links, reports etc.) to daniel [at] prepare [dot] dk. These will following be disseminated through news-blog and newsletter.

Other partners

Austria, Portugal, Denmark, Belgium, Slovenia, Greece, Poland, Sweden, Czech Republic, Spain, Bulgaria and The Netherlands.


This project is funded by the Leonardo da Vinci programme

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