The Prepare Network Secretariat goes to Romania for the next three years!

The National Centre for Sustainable Production and Consumption (NCSPC) from Timisoara, Romania, has taken over the Secretariat of Prepare with big ambitions to intensify the networking and business activities and increase the visibility of Prepare at the national and international level.

The new objectives of Prepare could be achieved full with support and contributions from all our members! 

NCSPC’s main mission is to contribute to the transition to green economy, by supporting industrial and tourism sector to increase their resource efficiency and environmental performance. The main objectives of the organization are to create awareness, build capacity and provide technical support to business sector for adoption of resource efficiency and eco-innovative solutions. NCSPC uses synergies with its founder members and benefits from the experiences gained during projects performed in cooperation with academia, industries and public institutions, having proofed records in sustainability related topics.

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